Environmental Statement

“Our guests visit Sherwood House to appreciate the wonderful natural beauty of West Wales, and together, we aim to minimise our environmental impact so it can be enjoyed by the generations to come”.

Sherwood House is situated on the Teifi Estuary which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and borders the
Pembrokeshire National Park and coast path.

We believe that by implementing our environmental policy, we can improve the quality and variety of our visitors’ holiday experiences in the following ways:

  • Reducing the impact of our business on the environment to help preserve the beauty of the National Park and surrounding areas.
  • Introducing guests to locally made products, unique to the area, providing a sense of place and cultural appreciation of West Wales.
  • Promoting businesses and schemes that aim to conserve the special features of the area.

Whilst only a small business, there are many ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. Here are some of the areas in which action is being taken to reduce, reuse, recycle and remove.

Carbon Footprint

We have completed an initial carbon usage survey of Sherwood House and calculated the average carbon of a visit including the impact of guest travel to and from the property. At the end of the year, we will calculate the total impact based on the number of stays and commit to offsetting via a QAS Approved (Gold Standard) scheme.

We also own land locally and we are committed to planting a minimum of five new trees per annum to support the health of an area of ancient mixed deciduous woodland.


  • Showers are available as a water-saving option to a bath.
  • We encourage guests to use “economy” settings on appliances.
  • An ‘A’ grade dishwasher and washing machine have been fitted.


  • Solar panels are installed to maximise the use of renewable energy.
  • The boiler and major white goods are serviced to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Windows are double glazed with additional draft proofing.
  • Shutters and blinds help reduce drafts and heat loss.
  • Energy-efficient underfloor heating with adjustable temperature settings.
  • Energy-efficient lighting.
  • An electric vehicle charging point is available to charge electric cars.

Maintenance & Décor

  • The cottage was renovated using where ever possible environmentally friendly products including innovative paint which enabled us to re-use the PVC windows.
  • The property is maintained by local builders and tradesmen. Wherever possible we use local suppliers of raw materials to minimise the environmental impact of transportation.
  • We recycle and upcycle furnishings and purchase Welsh antiques for our properties.
  • We rotate art through our properties supporting local artists.
  • We employ Splosh refillable products to clean our cottages, representing an eco-friendly cleaning solution that diminishes our dependence on single-use plastic cleaning bottles and products.


  • We recycle glass, paper, cans, plastic, and cardboard. We check and sort the rubbish left by guests to avoid contamination.
  • To reduce packaging waste, we buy in bulk and use refills when possible.
  • Where appropriate, we purchase recycled products.
  • We conduct our business by e-mail and telephone as much as we can to minimise paper use.

Wildlife & Surrounding Area

  • The immediate garden has thoughtful planting encourage birds, butterflies and birds into the garden and is maintained by a local gardener.
  • We encourage guests to observe and enjoy the wildlife of the Estuary and provide wildlife guide books.
  • We encourage guests to visit the Welsh Wildlife Centre and Teifi marshes to learn about the special local wildlife.
  • We encourage guests to use ‘Bay to Remember’ a local company that provides environmentally friendly sea-life watching trips.
  • We encourage responsible use of the coast path and beaches.


Folders are provided for guests with information on:

  • Public transport
  • Local walks (maps are available)
  • Cycle hire facilities
  • Environmentally aware businesses in Pembrokeshire & Ceredigion.
  • Local products and attractions
  • Information supporting the local RNLI (we also use branded products in the property such as mugs and placemats).

We encourage our guests to help by: 

  • Trying to conserve energy whenever possible.
  • We provide guests with cards to indicate when towels or linen are unused to minimise unnecessary washing.
  • Closing shutters and blinds to keep warmth in the cottage on cold evenings
  • Using the correct recycling bags provided.
  • Using local products and services.
  • Monitoring wildlife on the Teifi Estuary.
  • Taking part in local initiatives such as the Poppit Sands beach clean.
  • Providing feedback.


Our welcome packs include locally sourced products from other environmentally mindful businesses.

We try to purchase products with little or no packaging.